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Elders Up! system aims to have a far-reaching impact on different users: Seniors registered in Elders-Up! application as the primary users, and  the small companies and start-ups as secondary users. Since Elders-Up! is designed following user-centred concepts, these two groups are involved in different stages of the project. End-user involvement is a reliable mean to ensure that wishes and needs of end-user are respected in every stage of the project, thus allowing the creation of a product which is useful, easy to use, with a high acceptability and meeting the needs of end-users. Moreover, the system provides an alternative social and economic model in the work world, which will have an important impact about the concept of start-up.

The methodology used to involve end-users is adapted to each stage of the project, from a needs analysis evaluated using qualitative and quantitative methods (as focus groups, questionnaires, and interviews with the three categories of end-users), to an iterative design (including usability tests and heuristics evaluations of mock-ups and prototypes). The primary end-users included in this project will have a preserved cognitive status; the project will not target end users with medical cognitive conditions. In fact, for this population some cognitive functions (divided attention, executive functions, working memory) could present a mild reduction, without effects on the quality of life because compensated by themselves.  In consequence the primary end-users targeted by Elder-Up! are autonomous and capable enough to decide about their participation or retirement from the project. 


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